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  • Custom Builds

    To the extent possible, Griptech is also able to provide custom builds on demand.

    Custom builds from the past :

    – Handheld bunji rig for two Red cameras and adjustable wedge plates and camera risers.


    – Roll axis for Libra Compact for cable cam job.


    – Steadicam  back bracket

    – High speed tracking crane base for Giraffe

    – Control console for monitor and wheels

    – High Roller cable cam rig

    – Cheese plates and center console mount for crane on Polaris

    – Crane base for Extenda Crane

    – Various dollies

    – 3ality 3D rig

    – Steady cam Gyro stabilizer brackets

    – 75mm bowl mount for body brace

    – Various shoulder mount and other widgets designed for Genus


    All prices exclude freight, duties and taxes.