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Custom Builds

Various rigs for Gods of Egypt. Handheld bunji rig for two Red cameras and adjustable wedge plates and camera risers.

IMG_2310.JPG (2)


3ality 3D rig

2011-09-02 003

Steady cam Gyro stabilizer brackets

Gyro brackets

75mm bowl mount for body brace


Various shoulder mount and other widgets designed for Genus


Roll axis for Libra Compact for cable cam job.


Libra compact with roll axis

Steadicam  back bracket

Steadycam back bracket

High speed tracking crane base for Giraffe

High speed tracking crane base

Control console for monitor and wheels

Console for Audi

Big Toys Console

High Roller cable cam rig

Hi Roller

Cheese plates and center console mount for crane on Polaris

Crane base for Polaris

Crane base for Extenda Crane

griptech_0000_CUSTOM BUILDS

Various dollies



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