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I-Beam Sled

The I-Beam Sled is a very compact ultra smooth tracking device using standard I-Beam extrusion.

The I-Beam To Scaff Clamps  make rigging really easy whether on cars, inside cars,overhead or on the ground.

I-Beam To I-Beam Brackets  are available to join lengths longer than 6.5m.

Single and double sled configurations available.

The wheels can be adjusted to accommodate imperial and metric size I Beam.

XY Grid System  can be configured to allow the camera to track diagonally.

The I-Beam extrusion is available at most aluminum sales outlets and is relatively inexpensive.

Single Sled – AU$2500

Double Sled With Adjustable Dropper – AU$6300   Save AU$100 

Double Sled With Bridge Plate – AU$5400   Save AU$100 








Optional Extras

Adjustable Dropper – AU$1400

Bridge Plate – AU$500

I-Beam To Scaff Bracket – AU$315

I-Beam To I-Beam Join Bracket – AU$295

I-Beam To Lighting Stand Bracket – AU$350

I-Beam profiles that are compatible with the I-Beam Sleds :


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