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Paddle mounts

Paddle mounts enable further than normal offsetting of the camera using scaf tube (48.4mm diam)

Short Paddle (500mm tube) with optional bolt on Mitchell plate, 150mm bowl and 100mm bowl

paddlemount mountable1







Short Paddle (500mm tube) – AU$635

short paddle






Moy/Mitchell plate – AU$275

Michell plate






Mountable 150 and 100mm Bowls – AU$485 each


Euro paddle mount – AU$1075

euro paddlemount with scaf half clamp

euro interface below








Moy/Mitchll paddle mount – AU$1050

twin paddle clamp plate with scaf half clamps

twin paddle clamp plate below







Clamp on Paddle including scaff half clamps – AU$525

clamp on basic







Twin tube plates enable you to go from twin to single paddle – AU$375 each

twin tube plates





A small mounting plate can be mounted to the top of these plates.

twin tube paddlemount with small mounting plate







All prices exclude GST, freight, duties and taxes.


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