Griptech provides specialized and standard grips equipment to the film industry.  The company is the brainchild of Trevor Faber, whose 30 years of industry experience informs his innovative custom designs.

Excellent finishes, quality materials and attention to detail that matter to grips.  These are the easy to spot hallmarks of Griptech products.  All products are CAD designed, and built using CNC machinery.  While many products are built to order, Trevor has evolved a standard range of grips equipment which is available for purchase off the shelf.

It comes down to offering equipment that makes gripping easier.  Pure.  Simple.

Trevor doesn’t need an excuse to talk gear…it’s his passion.  It’s this passion that drives him to create equipment which excels in usability and craftsmanship.


Trevor spent many years as a Key Grip in South Africa, reaching the top of his field. During this time he frequently found himself manufacturing equipment and modifying what was available to make his job easier. Before long he was helping other grips refine their gear and producing high quality grips equipment. Finally after moving to Australia in 2001 Trevor decided to devote all his time to creating customized highly functional grips equipment.

The years of set experience have led to an understanding of the practical requirements in grips equipment design.

Griptech is dedicated to the design and manufacture of cutting edge film equipment.