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  • ISO V8

    Introducing our latest in the Vertical Vibration Isolator series the ISO (Isolator) V(version) 8

    Our precision engineered, one size fits all system will accommodate payloads of 15-70kg (33-154 lbs), making it suitable for any 3 axis gimbal system.

    Our adjustable hydraulic dampers and springs designed and manufactured in house, allows for fine tuning of the arm and Swaybill to optimize for shooting on any terrain.  One dial setting for the arm and one setting per axis on the Swaybill makes adjusting really easy.

    Our Iso V8 and  SwayBill  combination dramatically reduces the load on the remote head motors, thereby offering a softer, smoother ride.

    The ISO V8  is fast to rig. It offers the option of using either Posts or Scaff tube to rig to vehicles.

    The ISO V8  sports a custom made road case to protect your investment.

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