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  • Light VVI

    Light Vertical Vibration Isolator

    The Light VVI  is the smallest in the range of Griptech Vertical Vibration Isolators.

    Especially designed to be used with the popular makes of handheld 3 axis camera gimbals like the DJI Ronin, Movi and Shotover G1.

    The Light VVI is a quick to rig vertical vibration isolator coupled with the effective Wire Rope Isolator (WRI) or 3 Way Damper System. Together they soften the vibrations typically experienced when shooting from moving platforms on rough terrains.

    Not only does the Light VVI help to stabilize the image, it also lessens the load on the motors of the Gimbal that now only have to work to stabilize a softened, smoother range of vibrations.

    Payload – The VVI Light accommodates from 9 to 18 kg  (20-40 lbs) (Standard Springs). Heavy Duty Springs are available for payloads up to 25kg (66 lbs).

    EASY SETUP – The Light VVI is mounted to an upright scaff tube (48.4mm – 50mm diameter) using its two rear mounted scaff clamps.


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